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Effective Safety  

Ensure your risks are controlled and supported by the best available tools in the aviation industry: 

  • Training

  • Technology

  • Regulations

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"Be Better​, Be Safer"          


ABP Safety LLC is a consulting firm dedicated to improving the safety of your operations. 

"The Safety Report"

Understanding the essential content of a basic safety report, how to measure safety, and how to inform top management of the overall health status of your operation to make the right decisions

Supporting ABP Safety products:

  • IS-BAO Audits
  • IS-BAH Audits
  • Safety Assessment & operating standards
  • Emergency Response Plan (ERP)development and implementation, Drills included
  • Accident Investigation and litigation
  • SMS 101.  Safety Performance monitoring. SPIs easy development
  • Training courses:
    • SMS
    • Fatigue in aviation
    • CFIT - ALAR
    • Emergency Preparedness

Working with you...

Capt. Luis Garcia and subject matter professionals offer more than 50 years of experience in worldwide aviation safety at your service. 


Working with you to design the ideal safety program to fit your needs,  identifying your operational hazards, and controlling the risks to ensure the safest environment for your flight and ground operations.


Audits performed in the USA, Europe, Mexico, and Latin America ensure you get the most out of your IS-BAO and IS-BAH audits.


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Get the true benefits of the SMS

Implementing the Safety Management Systems (SMS) is easier than it looks. 

Safety Risk Management and Safety Assurance, are two  processes that provide confidence for the  safe planning and execution of your operations

Human Factors

There is no "error-free" human being so far.  So, the safest organizations have recognized the value of human factors in containing error consequences.  You can learn from them and excel as an error-tolerant organization and start minimizing losses.  Get the know-how.

Measuring safety - Solving the Mystery of SPIs

Safety performance is key to the quality of your operations and to the end result of your programs.  Learn how to measure safety on a day-to-day basis, and early identification of under-performance before it irreparably affects you. 


Safety Culture

Prepare all members of your organization to believe in safety and act accordingly.


Comply with the health-safety regulations and best practices at the workplace. 

Enforce the use of personal protective equipment.  Avoid accidents


Detect your vulnerabilities. Implement all the regulatory measures to protect people, facilities, equipment and aircraft from acts of unlawful interference. 


Train highly efficient teams on Total Resource Management  to deliver, produce results and achieve the highest level of safety in operations.


Take your operations to the next level of safety 


ERP = Be prepared... Whom do I call? Where do I go? What do I do?

Avoid making things worse. A quick and effective response requires preparation and practice to cope with the fundamentals of an emergency:

Communication - Coordination - Control

Prepare your team and be ready!

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